Get to Know Me!


I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married to my high school sweet heart and we've been together 9 years this spring, we adopted our four legged child, Badger two years ago. We adopted him at only 4 weeks, he was such a fur baby ask me for pictures you'll see! 

You'll usually find me cozied up in my couch with Badger or Oscar next to me editing, creating and planning new content for my business. When we're not creating we are watching TV, preparing our bible study or scouting new locations. I love Iced Chai lattes from Starbucks and blended caramelizers from Dutch Bros, so I'm open to coffee dates! 

 I started my business with a passion of creating visual content, but why weddings and portraits? For one I love being around happy, energetic people that lift my spirits, two I wanted to set myself apart by allowing my clients to feel comfortable and safe. I know being in front of the camera is so scary but I also know the value of documenting our milestones. Being able to look back and laugh, cry and feel as if you are instantly transported to that very day you or someone else took your picture is absolutely priceless. 

My style can be described as

Authentic, Timeless and Romantic