Woah, where do I begin with this amazing family! I've known Abraham and Vanessa for a couple of months now and seriously owe these two something major. I bet they even stop and wonder wait, what do you mean?

Well, let's start with this. This. I mean the whole fact that I'm actually doing photography!

Yes, I mean I had never thought about being a photographer and making it a business I ran, honestly. Photography for me was like those relationships you hear in novels about someone having a best friend and they both had the world in common with but never actually realized that they were each others true love. Yeah that's what totally happened to me. When did I realize photography was my true love you may ask, well I'll tell you.

No we didn't passionately kiss in the rain while experiencing some life traumatic event, it was much more unexpected. It was actually with a compliment. Yes, a compliment. I have photographed event's we've had in the office for the past 2 years, and as it turns out I sometimes seem professional. So this popped a question in Abraham, this was "Hey Sharom, are you a professional photographer, I've been wanting a family session"

There I was stunned, shocked in utter disbelief. How did I ever portray the idea of being a professional anything. I quickly answered "Uh, no but I've actually been thinking about it" (not wanting to push him away if he was actually potentially ever to hire me) He said, "Ok" and continued with him day. This idea daunted on me and as it turns out this pushed me to research, research, research. Until, I finally realized I'd always loved photography but never thought I'd be any good at being creative. Sure arts and crafts I got down but people creative, no way. Yet, here I'am so guys when you read this. Thank You a million times thank you! Not only for complimenting me but for giving me the opportunity to capture your essence as a family and the gorgeous baby girl's you created!

So, here are some of the awesome pictures we captured!