Jacqueline & Jonathan

Oh man, there is so much to say about this beautiful couple! But, alright first things first I met Jacky in school. We were the best of friends and she became someone who I knew I could count on for anything. There are so many stories we could sit and tell about each other but for time sake we will not do that. This gorgeous and amazing woman has always been REAL! Now, I do not say that lightly because I always wanted someone in my life to tell me when I was wrong or if that someone did not agree with me, this is exactly what she did she's always being loving and dependable but also strong. I know she's has been though a lot of difficult situations, and honestly that's one of the reasons we could relate. Even after going and experiencing trials after trials she not once became someone she was not. We all see people who after pain and suffering they don't understand that trials should make you and your faith stronger. And those people become angry and bitter about life. But not her, she's always filled her heart with love even if at times there was no love to see. This only some of the reasons I was being honored and floored that she even considered me to photograph her engagement session and then her wedding.

Thrilled does not even begin to cover how I feel that Jacky has found her soulmate, they are one of the sweetest couple's I've photographed. Jonathan is such an awesome guy, I don't think he could have found a more amazing woman to call his wife, and gorgeous I mean look at how perfect she looks!

Now, about Jonathan even though we haven't really spent much time together, (they still owe me a double date btw). However, I know how incredible he is by how the loves and treats Jacky, it's not just the way he treats her it's the way his love and affection for her ooze out of him. It's romantic and contagious every time I see the images I've captured of them, I mesmerize of all the reasons I got married. Their love and commitment to one another is without a doubt one of a kind!

They put so much thought and details to their wedding! I was swoon over how absolutely gorgeous their reception was! Take a look.

Aww! man their ceremony was even more beautiful and that's hard to believe I know!

I can't say it enough Jacky and Jonathan! Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to share with you this incredible moment in your lives. I know you might not completely understand what you guys did for me and you might say that I did you a favor but being a photographer that one day wants to become a full time wedding photographer you guys made one of my dreams come true and I'm so glad you were my first wedding because you will forever be a part of my journey! With that being said, once again,

Congratulations! Mr. & Mrs. Solis