P.S (Disclaimer) this post is filled with (!) because I can't believe what planet this girl is from #inspiration

AHHH! Ok, guys so this past week I had the chance to shoot some merchandise pictures for Cielo, now you may ask merchandise? What do you mean? Well let me tell you. I know Cielo's parents for a little while now, and not only are they amazing people but they've raised equally awesome kids. They casually mentioned that Cielo (their smart, gorgeous and adorable daughter) wanted to start her own business selling clothes and start it off on her IG, and just learn the challenges of running a business but still be a kid and all that fun stuff. Therefore she needed a photographer to shoot some merchandise pictures so she could start her venture. So I agreed to sit down and go over to see how I could help her not only as a photographer but as a small business owner myself now.

Night started great, we starting talking about what it's been like to make the leap to start my photography business and how it came to be, the challenges, my why etc. etc etc. And, so then it came time to talk details with Cielo about what she was looking for with her merchandise shoot, locations and styling etcetera. But she completely shocked me when she pulled out her small 5x7 notebook.

There it was everything that took me months to complete for my business she had thought about in less than a couple of months. I mean she's a child, she's 13! 13! She had it all laid out ready to put in motion, how much she was going to spend for her first order, her retail pricing, what market she wants to carter to, what her profit margin was going to be, her social media marketing, her logo, her book keeping, her spokes girls at school. I sat there in pleasant shock, I looked over at Melissa and Gerritt in disbelieve and Gerritt just smiled back at me like "Yeah, I know" She's so unbelievably smart and adorable! How many kids her age do you know, understand these types of things, it's so AWESOME, to see this seriously!

Cielo I want to tell you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and I know that's cliche but you baby girl are so beyond your years, with the parents and support system you have there are so many opportunities you can create if you just keep moving forward. Don't stop for anything and know that it will be worth the hard work, but most importantly if you can just remember one thing from me.


Pretty Please

Remember to always have fun! Creating a business is hard but the moment you stop having fun it'll be torture, so don't stop and always put your big smile forward!