Maria & Manny

Time seriously flies! It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for Maria & Manny’s session, but here we are 1 week later. First things first, Maria saw my work on my dear friend Vanessa’s page, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for her to reach out to me. When we meet for the first time I knew right away this was going to be one for the books! I love how much input I had from both of them, they picked the place they loved the most and what a place they picked! The farm at Agritopia has so much history and I as I mentioned to them before we started shooting I had to clue it even existed, it’ll leave you in Awe the moment you step foot.

It’s because of awesome clients like Maria & Manny that I love what I do. I’m grateful for both of them not only for trusting me in capturing such a fun and exciting time in both of their lives but because they are both secret super heroes! She’s a 911 operator and he is a officer for the Phoenix Police Department. They work every day in keeping this city safe, and sometimes it might go unnoticed but this girl right here thanks both of you for all you do on a daily basis!

Can we talk about the L-O-V-E! They are both so sweet and 1000% in love! I mean seriously, Manny absolutely adores her and you can see it in how he looks at her. Maria? Well I mean besides being freakishly stunning she’s such a amazing person. During the entire session she was beyond graceful and they way they both rocked the camera is just a testament to the love they have for each other. I hope and wish them the absolute best in their relationship and their marriage. I can’t wait to meet their kids soon, but until then try not to drool over how good looking these two love birds are!