The Bake Family

At last I get to share these amazing images of one of the sweetest families I know! Gerritt and Melissa are recent addition to my list of amazing, funny, superhero couples I look up to. No joke! Gerritt is an office with Mesa PD and he's a pretty big deal at least in my eyes, I know he would laugh at that sentence. Melissa is stunning, let me pause, give me 2 seconds, stunning! inside and out. She's a go getter yet kind and strong and it's been a while since I met a woman who does not create excuses and gets things done, it's refreshing to know such empowering people. And the fact that they have raised equally awesome kids just adds to their mystical powers.

Today, I can say that I'm pretty comfortable cutting people out. Harsh sentence right? and what does it have to do with what I'm talking about? What I'm getting at is, I want to appeal to people who are positive, supportive, fun, bosses in their own right, people who know what they are after and are ok with the hustle that comes with all of it. These are the kind of long lasting friendships I want to cultivate and Gerritt and Melissa fit this philosophy to a T! I feel beyond grateful that they chose me as a photographer and trusted my vision with their family session, I am fortunate to be able to call them friends, and believe me this is a tittle I don't give out lightly.

and finally,

Gerritt & Melissa,

I look up to you as a couple, as business owners, as parents, as friends and as family. Reason for that is whatever you do, you do it with love and purpose. Sometimes it's so easy to lose that purpose and I know we are not always perfect and you might be thinking Pff! Sharom has no idea! and you are right I don't but that's also the amazing thing about you guys, even when you are not at your best to the rest of the world you are! Once again thank you so much for being who you are, I hope you enjoyed all our walking the day of your session 👻