A Piece of my Heart

Feeling the cold breeze hitting my face, the salt water smell running through my nose, the sun slowly fading into the distance from sunset to dusk, ice cold water running at my feet relieving my pains, my hair flying with the wind, my camera at a stand still, my breath heavy, my arms getting shivers and yet the one things I want more than anything is to stay.

Stay just as I am, standing here with my world at a stop no pain, no love, no people, no distractions, no sounds, no hate, no expectations, no confusion, no mistakes.


Just me and gods creation sitting in front of me.

No words can really express how I feel when I'm close to the ocean, it's like my body is transformed to another dimension, being so close to something so magnificent makes me realize how tiny our personal worlds are. We are all important and we all matter, but how relevant are our problems when there is something so vast, so beautiful in front of us. It revives me and puts things in perspective and I remember that there is a reason why I starting photography. Yes, it was to start my own business and to have a more fulfilling life, but it was so I could spend more time studying the bible, helping others get close to Jesus and God himself. And one day I know I will achieve it, Vanessa and I has a lot of fun speeding to the beach Saturday, the saying "time is ticking" took a whole different meaning while we were rushing each other to finish getting ready.

I am so glad we made it!