We were just kids when Izabellah's mom and I met, I still remember how much I loved hanging out at her house after school. We would watch Arthur! How crazy right? I mean to think that the shows we watched as kids her babies will be watching soon yikes! Where does time go? We all heard it from our moms and we all rolled our eyes at the idea of us ever getting older yet, here we are today. Back to Jenn and I well, after maybe a year or two her family moved and we completely lost contact. Years later I came to find her, I was a junior in high school. Whoo, talk about time passing us right? and after high school we somehow did it again she moved schools and we once again lost contact, but this time we remained friends on social media and now here we are once again.

This is it's different we are both adults with babies except mine has 4 legs, she reached out to me to do a fall session with her adorable baby girl, and let me just say that I couldn't have been more thrilled. Her cute little smile to her tiny little toes! O-M-G please prepare for cuteness overload!

Izabellah has such a cute personality, if I ever have a baby girl (cross your fingers and pray) I want her to be just like Izabellah! Seriously, the one and only time she fussed was when she was getting sleepy! Like, excuse me? what? It's so not fair you such a great baby Jenn. I'm kidding you deserve the world baby girl, I know how hard you've worked to get to where you are! We must get coffee soon, I can't wait to chat and catch up.