I'm so excited to tell you guys about Dede today! Our paths crossed when one of my close friends invited me to a brunch Dede was hosting. Now all my friend mentioned at the time was that Dede had recently started a blog where she wanted to empower and inspire woman. Obviously I was instantly curious because as we know it's very hard to find girls who want to empower one another or even just help you. Now a days everything is a competition between us, from your house to your make up up. It's always about what do I have that makes me better than you, and I hate that.

So shortly after, I started following her on Instagram and she hooked me. I mean seriously I was ADDICTED. The blog post she had up until that point really made me relate to her and what she wanted to do was so awesome and refreshing to hear, I knew I wanted to somehow be a part of it. I then took the liberty to invite my best friend because besides being super excited I was terrified about not knowing anyone at the brunch.

So after introducing ourselves Dede sat with us and told us what she wanted to accomplish with her blog I was so beyond excited to just get to know her and help. A couple of weeks later she reached out to me for a lifestyle session and I wanted to share with you guys the awesome session we had but most importantly her blog because what she is trying to accomplish is so very rare but something to special. Take 5 minutes so go to her website and see what I'm talking about. I'll link everything below!

Now check out this beauty! and her pretty smile ☺️