Bethsaira Yohanny

What comes to your mind when the word sisterhood is said?

Urban dictionary tells me sisterhood is a bond between two or more girls not related by blood.

What do I think sisterhood means?

To me sisterhood means friendship, inspiration, common interests, respect and kindness. This was a far-fetched idea to me before Adelante Mami became part of my life, which in short is a place for women can find motivation, inspiration and sisterhood with a little latin twist as Dede would put it. (Check my previous blog post if you're not too sure what I'm talking about). But how does this tie in with beautiful Bethsaira Yohanny? Well for starters she's a mommy, blogger and beyond talented stylist among other things.

See, I met Beth in an Adelante Mami brunch and the best part about the brunch that day besides coming together as women and helping each other grow, was meeting all the girls at that brunch because since then I've formed more than acquaintances. I've met girls, not girls woman who are more focused on helping each other reach their goals and succeed rather than waiting for each other to fail. And this is why Miss Beth is so special because she's exactly that she wants to see strong woman succeed and bust through all of our obstacles and win. She's kind, generous and talented! It's a known fact that I'm not the best fashionista but Beth is the so good at it she has me beat! I mean just look at these pictures! She thinks of everything from the statement pieces to the smallest ring on her finger! She is awesome. If you need any help styling please reach out to her believe me you're going to be in the best hands.