Amarah & Jasmine

GO! VIKINGS! GO! Oh man those words are so dear to my heart. Yes I was a cheerleader, and this is how I came to met beautiful miss Jasmine. If I'm not too crazy we met in Junior High, Royal Palm to be exact. I remember how intimidated I was by her because not only was she pretty she exuded confidence and that was something I did not have back then. Regardless, she was tough and kind and it was so awesome too see that she still has those qualities.

Jasmine recently, posted on the Facebook that she needed a photographer ASAP because something had come up with the photographer she has scheduled a session with, and I mentioned myself! Now, I NEVER do this but I seriously couldn't have been more glad that I did. Her baby Amarah was so much fun! Her attitude was the cutest and she ruled the entire session I mean she is a princess you know.

Their outfits were so on point the day of their session that big pouffy princess dress Amarah was wearing. Her little gold glitter flats! and the little pink bows on her hair!


Take a look on how they look here!