It's A Boy!

A new baby is always something beyond special, it's not only someone's child it's a life. It's a opportunity to create someone who is made in your image. Someone who will one day fall in love, one day feel happiness, one day will dare to change the world. But just the same they will feel heartbreak and pain, it's up to us as adults to make sure our children are kind, genuine and lovers of what is right not popular. We need to teach them to stand for what they believe and want.

We celebrated Miss Bianca Maldonado a sweet, funny and beautiful mom to be. She's such a blast you can always count on her to say something that will make you want to pee in your freaking pants! I'm serious, dad-to-be Brannen is such the same which is why I think god decided to put them in each others paths.

The coolest part of all of this was that she had NO IDEA Nuvia had decided to throw her this surprise baby shower, she did an incredible job making everything so beautiful. You see that backdrop that was all me, cute idea I found on Pinterest.