Edwards Family

OMG, where to start! Cynthia and I go way back! I'm talking chola baggy t-shirts and Nike Cortezes! Don't judge me if I spelled that wrong please. We met in Junior High when we both started talking about a guy we both knew. We were inseparable shortly after that, we hung out together we went to school together I'm talking we did everything together! Not sure if she knew this much she pushed me out of my comfort zone. She was even the main reason I was a cheerleader, I never had enough confidence to try out but knowing she would be there made me want to push myself and try out.

That actually turned out to be one of the best decision I made, there are so many stories but the main one I'd like to share is when we were Juniors in high school. I remember a distinct conversation we had about having kids we were 16 so the idea wasn't something we contemplated often. Being a mother is such a beautiful thing and eventually we knew it was going to happen, but the part I remember is her telling me how scared she was about being a mom. To see her now and how amazing of a mom she is makes me really happy. Her boys love her more than anything, she makes them smile, cares for them, has fun with them. That's some of the things we captured with them the day of their family session and it couldn't have been more perfect take a look!

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