Maria and Israel

Ahh! the new year is upon us and there is so much to do! We are filled with resolutions, goals and determinations of how this year will be or at least how we want it to go. This year I want to be able to plan better and increase my productivity! With that in mind I'm a little behind but I'm kicking off this year with Maria & Israel, they are both incredibly humble and sweet! I always wondering how some photographers were able to capture such candid moments. I wondered is it was they say or is it what they are telling them to do. Now I realize that those candid moments are only achieved by having a couple whom is truly in love. Israel couldn't help himself but smile at Maria, and she had the same response when I posed them directly in front of each other. I could seriously fell their connection <3 It was quite unique, I can't wait for their wedding this Sunday. Maria and Israel are going to be such an awesome way to get into the 2017 wedding season!

#tempe #engagement