Hernandez Family

So I often find myself trying to cull down all of the different things I want to talk about when I blog about a client. I do my absolute best to get awesome stories while at their session for the most part I'm quite successful.

Once in a while there's an abundance of words because some of my friends become my

clients and this is the case here.

I have known Yesenia & Jasmin along with their crazy and amazing family for a while now. Yesenia is probably my attitude twin, I mean seriously we both have this strength to us that attracts people but at the same time repels them. We love as hard as we fight, we care as much as we raise our voice, we devote as much as we debate.

We are complete metaphors lol.

She's inspired me so many times and she has also helped make me a better person. Jasmin besides being freaking cute, she's like Yesenia in a lot of ways she's smart and super competitive! I mean if you wan't to rile her up just tell her she can't do something a #savage comes out. I've seen them become a couple and I couldn't be more proud to be their friend <3 They are raising amazing kids together, their love is one for the books <3

Even though I haven't gotten the chance of personally knowing Kim, I feel like I know her. Do you ever have someone you are around all the time that ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS talks up how awesome their siblings are? No? Yes? Well this is Yesenia with Kim, she tells me almost daily how much her sister means to her and how much she has helped her and how grateful she is to have someone that amazing in her life. She has told me that without Kim and the support of her amazing parents she couldn't be where she is. To me Kim is who I wish to be as a sister, because I want Belle to speak about me the same way Yesenia talks about her <3

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