Ah man I've been wanting to blog this session way before we even got to shot it. One of the things I love the most is having the ability to work with my friends, being able to be a part of more than just their bridal party or being a name on a guest list. Having the ability to see them standing still in time it's was tugs at my heart.

These two have been through so much I can't even begin to image how they're so strong. I've known both Brannen & Bianca for a little over four years now and Whew! time sure goes by fast! I met Brannen first, at that time he was single and full of energy well he's still like that lol the energy part not so single, and now these two are ready to unite their lives in marriage.

I must admit as much as I appreciate Brannen I think we both agree Bianca is definitely the better half, at least his better half. She's freaking stunning and probably one of the strongest yet sweetest women I've ever met. She's a fantastic mother like the one I aspire to be to my kids one day. I can not wait to she her walk down the aisle and see her get married to her best friend <3.

how ya like the film look?

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