So Vanessa was the winner of my first ever giveaway back in January! Geez it took us forever to get together (she's a hardworking momma and soon to be wife) and boy IT WAS WORTH IT! I was already super excited because I actually know her from middle school! She's such a beautiful and real person, I loved seeing her after so many years! She truly has not changed she looks just like when we left middle school! Her family has grown by two stunning, fun and precious babies and her now sweet and loving fiancé!

We went back and forth with dates due to my lack of availability from sessions previously booked and her busy working and momma schedule, and we both agreed on the end of February and seriously the timing was perfect! WHY!!! because her boo thang decided he wanted to pop the question and have me capture such an amazing moment in their lives!!! Ahhhhh, I was so excited! So about 2 days before the session he called me and let me know how he was planning to do it and he seriously had it all down.

It was hard to keep myself from smiling and wanting to be super Awww in some moments because I knew that we women are detectives and I did not want to be the one who gave it away! can you imagine oh no! Anyways everything happened so fast so towards the end of the session I told Tomas and Vanessa that we were in the last couple of shots and I took Vanessa’s attention by showing her the back of camera shots. I had her attention so Tomas made his way to give their son the ring so when Vanessa turned around he was down in one knee holding their baby girl while they baby boy walked up with the ring in his hand!!!! HOW PRECIOUS RIGHT! I'll let the pictures talk <3

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