These two girls seriously stole my heart along with their older sisters! Nancy one of their older sisters contacted me via Instagram about photographing their quince. I was so incredibly excited about their party and their portraits, when we initially met I only talked to Nancy and Karla we spend about two hours just talking and bonding it really was amazing! They shared a little bit about the girls, their personalities and what they all wanted me to capture.

We decided to shot their pre party portraits in Downtown Phoenix and this location was a great backdrop for their ivory gowns to really shine! Even though they were both a little hesitant and scared because they had never done something like this I have to admit they totally killed it!

The day of their party was details galore! Karla handmade yes let me say that again HANDMADE a lot of the treats and designs for their dessert table! She's #goals no doubt. They opted for converse sneakers instead of heels and I must admit that was a very smart decision once they were out and the guest started to see them there was no sitting down for these two girls!

Alexa and Alexia thank you so much for being the amazing and beautiful humans that you are! I wish you wisdom and health for all the years to come! <3

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