Julia and Christian's family session in Verrado, Arizona is one I will not soon forget! This is one of the sessions I had been looking forward to for years since I first launched my business! Julia and I went to high school together and she is one of those girlfriends you can always count on.

I vividly remember a couple of years ago, my mom and I got a flat and I called her in despair and little did I know she was the only person who showed up! Julia and Christian met in our high school days, they have endured good times and bad times together, and they have formed a gorgeous family.

Their little ones are Julian and Christian are so energetic and I absolutely love it. I get so many parents who constantly apologize for their child's energy and honestly you have nothing to be sorry about. Their energy is a testament to how amazing parents they have! I can really ramble on about these four for hours! but take a look at these amazing images we captured!