Edgar has been like a older brother to my husband and I from the first day we met. It makes us so happy and proud that he has finally found his happiness with Clarissa she's outgoing, smart and GORGEOUS! He is always bragging about how he know the best phoenix wedding photographer drum roll please....ME! In all seriousness he had always supported this amazing journey of mine.

Logically, I was thrilled when he contacted me regarding their maternity session specially when he told me his plan on proposing to this total babe! I was ecstatic we talked about how he would do it and all the things he wanted it to be like and I personally feel like we totally hit that mark and then some! She had no clue what was going on there was happy tears and lots of hugs! We decided on Boyce Thompson Arboretum, it had been a long shooting goal of mine and it fit perfectly for what they envisioned their maternity session would look like.

Edgar was wearing a very dapper all black suit and a light pink shirt, which coordinated perfectly with Clarissa's not one but two looks. She very classy sheer black robe and the mint gown you see below. I went ahead and created this cute flower crown for her to wear which honestly, looked so CUTE on her! I layered it with my favorite lilac wax flowers and light peach baby roses I bought from AZ Flower Market. The weather could not have been any better, we had some light wind with tons of shade and just the right peek of light that fell beautifully behind them!

To Edgar + Clarissa,

You guys! I can only wish you two the absolute best in this beautiful journey that lies ahead! You guys are going to be parents and are going to be getting married! Princess Mia, is going to be not just gorgeous like her momma and dad of course Edgar! But she is going to have the most deserving and loving parents this world has seen!

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