You know of some people often say this one is for the books? Well This one is for the books! Allison and her husband are so stinking cute, their babies are a dream and so kind. Before starting our session Lily gave me a hand drawn picture she made for me like what!!! How sweet is that! Of course this is a testament to her amazing parents, because let me say this they are parenting GOALS!

Lily is funny, energetic and so pretty and she knows it! Total princess I mean how cute was that tutu skirt she wore during their session. I remember when I asked them to run together it was like she was walking a run way she looked so graceful.

Julian on the other hand was so competitive and such a little gentleman I do feel like these kiddos loved me I mean I may be biased but just look throughout their session like come on you see they loved me, I'm praying they did because I sure loved them!

Dayan and Allison are so genuine with everything they do! I mean the patience and love they treat their kiddos, with how they treated me and most importantly how they treat each other! Dayan was super kind and involved during the shoot and the way she looks at his wife I mean!!! The oozing the love and Allison does too! Their couples portraits were EVERYTHING! Literally just look at this amazing session I had with these four!

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