This session is something I've always wanted to do, the main reason why it took me forever was because ONE, my mom hates pictures, well she doesn't hate them she's picky lol and TWO, my constant need for perfection. This however, ended up being a stir in the moment shoot, I ran to buy flowers, borrowed a gown from Bride Studio and ran sacked my closet to find the other gown she wore and her accessories all mine! Told her we would start getting her ready and stole her from my siblings for an afternoon and made it happen!

Who knows us knows the relationship with my mom has come a LONG WAY. She raised me all by herself in a place she didn’t know and with a culture she wasn’t used to. Her way of loving was different from the way I felt loved but being an adult and understanding where she comes from makes me really appreciate her and every single sacrifice she has had to make and trust me she's made a lot!

My mom is my hero.

Often my friends say "my parents don’t support m"e or "they always put my dreams down". I can say even at our worst moments my mom has always been very tough on me but she’s never once said to me "you can’t do that", her words were always GO FOR IT, WORK HARD, DON’T WAIT OR DEPEND ON ANYONE oh and my favorite one "If you don’t know figure it out."

Oh that one has gotten me through so many obstacles and mental breakdowns you know the ones where you think you are not able to go any further yeah those ones. So to the all amazing mothers keep kicking butt keep making your daughters brave and strong. It’s our words that penetrate their hearts the most, make sure what you tell them fuels them to become better strong women.

Bridal Gown: Bride Studio

Hair Styling: Hair by Maritza

Florals: Arizona Flower Market