One of my absolute favorite things of being a creative is being able to have these awesome ideas in my head and bringing them to life! I have always wanted to shoot a Charro couple but I have never known anyone that loved this part of my Mexican culture as much as I did! Until Paola came into my life, this babe is not only a close friend of mine but she has the best boyfriend in this planet who just happens to be a real life charro! Like how did this even happen! Victor only had a very limited amount of time to be able to do this for me so I said let's do it. Victor in full charro and Paola in a stunning gown from the amazing Avancy Bridal in Phoenix, Arizona and my camera. And my awesome assistants my mom and siblings because that veil didn't flow on it's own you know!

Paola is the sweetest most genuine and down to earth girl I have ever met and how can I forget being STUNNING is all caps because she is amazing! So you can assume Victor is the exact same he is kind, funny and he really loves this girl. I mean he literally drove from out of state to come do this shoot with us! (Insert crying emoji here). They are both fun and light hearted working with them was so easy and didn't even feel like work we were just hanging out taking pictures! They were both amazing sports specially with everyone staring at them, asking for pictures and congratulating them on their "wedding" . They were gracious just saying "yes, of course" and "thanks" as they knew it was easier than explaining what we were doing!

For now I leave you to appreciate all of this beauty!

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