Alicia and Clinton have the best daughters in this planet Kennedy and Kaylee are both sweet, smart and so much fun. At the same time they are completely different, Kennedy is sassy, outgoing and loves being the center of attention. Kaylee is quiet, looks for afar and is very comfortable being herself which honestly I can relate to SOOOO much.

This is me, I love keeping my distance and being alone so when I was photographing this stunning girl mom helped me and this is one of the reasons why I love my clients input! Because you know your kiddos what they like, who they are and how they feel comfortable and being able to get them just as they are is such a huge priority for me. Mom and dad were the sweetest most down to earth couple ever, Clinton was present, loving and dad.

What do I mean he was so laser focused on his girls he allowed me to get some of the most genuine moments EVER! I had to say right after they're single portraits we shoot some of their couple portraits and LORD! They were all perfect! So very glad and proud of being able to work with such amazing and kind humans!

Also before I keep babbling on can we all take a moment to admire how insanely well coordinated this family was! I mean MAJOR GOALS for all my sessions! Alicia definitely needs to add stylist to her instagram bio!

Makeup by the amazing: @maryssamakeup

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