"Fight for the fairytale it does exist" this is what Kim wrote on one of her recent instagram posts when she posted one of their sneak peaks from this engagement session it fills my heart to see my clients love their images! Kim and Marlin are so deeply in love they are real life soulmates. Kim is a very detail oriented bride so when she found Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ she knew exactly where she wanted her spring engagement session. The weather was somewhat hot but we got away with it because of the lush greenery that dwells in this one of a kind Arboretum.

This pair met early October of 2011 on a facebook event chat! Yup you heard that right in Kim's words "I got invited to a Halloween party one of his best friends was hosting so we were in like a group on Facebook for details of the party. I kept seeing him comment and post and thought he was so handsome...after a couple weeks I was bold enough to message him and that's when we started talking. The day of the Halloween party we blindly met and went together, total strangers from then on we were inseparable. Instant connection. I knew he was going to be my husband one day. 10/28/11 was the day we officially met..."

How sweet is that! From the first message Kim and I shared I knew this girl was beyond special, we share an UNLIMITED amount of similarities I mean pretty freaky, I know she would agree with me! I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to share such a magnificent day with them this fall! Every time she shares with me details from the wedding my little heart rejoices over how stunning their wedding is going to be, most importantly seeing them tie the knot is going to take the cake I'm sure! Marlin is so ready to just walk down the aisle and make this goddess of a woman his wife. Marlin is funny, not shy (inside joke) and super attentive towards Kim he really puts their bond first. Oh man! and what is there to say about this stunning bride to be she is such a kind and down to earth person, the respect level that I have for this woman is out of this world! She is a fighter, an amazing mother and fiancé an exceptional sister and friend!

During their session their kiddos kept me laughing I respect any parent so much because I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to raise a child but these two have a pair of amazing kids! Trust me that's a direct reflection of Kim and Marlin, they are big time parenting #goals for Oscar and me. Please go ahead and oozeeeee all the Awwwww's with their session! This is a good one!