Obsession does not begin to cover what I feel about this session with Valerie. Not only is she sweet, funny and so SMART. She is gorgeous and extremely hardworking she does not stop, seriously! It was a long time coming for her to be in front of my camera by her self but at last!

I had a very specific vision in mind I wanted this soft light with a bold color that really brought out her skin tone and her mind blowing features. See talking to Val, I realized so many people want to often change her look but I adore her face, I mean look at her! She is GORGEOUS! She doesn't need makeup and I mean that.

Two nights before her session, I talked to my friend Selene owner of Bride Studio and I asked her if she wanted to put this beauty into a gown and she was all for it! So she picked this beautiful bohemian masterpiece, Selena from Allure Bridals Wilderly line. It was a fit made in the heavens because Valerie embodied this gown and it's spirit to perfection!

Also, we had some flowers for the bridal section of this shoot but where we shot was a small cliff and we couldn't really take much. Either way I carried some flowers and Valerie grabbed this stunning yellow rose and we knew that's all we needed! And now as I am writing this all I can think of is SELENA why because of her song Como La Flor and because the gown is called SELENA!!! this was all meant to be! I'll stop rambling on now I'll leave you these gorgeous images to fall in love with.

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