You'll remember this cutie from an older blog posts when we had a family session with her and her sisters and cousins! Her momma was my junior high school cheerleading coach! When she inquired about this session, she told me this pretty babe needed some updated headshots and she wanted something fun and thought the Sugar Bowl Scottsdale was perfect so we did it! I was able to keep her focused because momma told her I was a producer and I needed to take some pictures so this was a total gig for her! OMG guys it was the cutest thing EVERRRRR she was so professional, never wined or cried she was an absolute pro!

She wore this cute vintage 50's floral skirt and top with two pigtails and white bows on her pigtails! I really want help but want to express trough this screen how CUTE she looked! But I am aware that is probably going to be quite difficult so I'll leave you with these images that I know do a much better job of showing you how cute this babe is!

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